Don't they know that all the petzl nao promo cool companies are suing Megaupload?
Thats apparently exactly what Samsung Mobile USA thought too, and the company has prepared a Galaxy Note 2 clip starring LeBron to be released on just in time for today basketball event in case you dont know, the NBA season starts today, with LeBron.
Twitter, false start, microsoft may be about to get rid of the start button for Windows.
TorrentFreak, lilyhammer don't hurt 'em, the BBC has announced that it has signed up the Netflix-funded series Lilyhammer.While we wont spoil it for you, we will tell you that those special edition Nike sneakers hes wearing today to celebrate that first ring are also part of the story.The Verge, virgin on the ridiculous, virgin has announced that it is now offering its 100Mbps broadband service to 10 million people.I would expect internal specs that are at least as good as the excellent G3, with an active digitizer embedded in the screen.The phone is unapologetically labeled the G3 Stylus.Incidentally, our great grandmother was big into china cups.So lets hear it from North American Android fans, have you purchased a Galaxy Note 2 already?The video glimpse of the G3 Stylus is about three seconds long, but shows a phone with a stylus bay on the top right of the device.If we're seeing the unofficial successor to the G Pro 2, it makes a lot of sense as a super-premium addition.The, galaxy Note 2 is slowly making its way to North American buyers, so what better way to promote the gigantic phone than by associating it with the gigantic basketball player thats LeBron James?
Bum Note "I believe in a thing called love sang the Darkness in Samsung's Super Bowl advert which went on to mock Apple lovers by waving the oversized Galaxy Note in their faces and pointing out the device used a pen.
With the world and his wife watching the Super Bowl last night, you'd think that Samsung would be on to a winner snapping up one of the coveted half-time advertising slots.

It's got the same layout and pseudo-metal build from the G3, with a screen that looks like it's somewhere in the.7-6.0-inch range, presumably competing with Samsung's Galaxy Note series.It may not sound that significant but this is a bit like Anna Nicole Smith marrying that old man and kissing him.But did the Apple-baiting Galaxy Note promo work?Personally, we hate white things as it reminds us of snow and that is what made us late for work this morning.Rumours that it is to replace it with Mr Clippy are so far unsubstantiated.Even before today, it was looking likely the Samsung Galaxy Note was headed for AT T, and today, pocketNow released some official-looking promo images that make it even more probable.There's very little left to do with this device but announce it, which we're fairly sure will happen next week at CES.Let's hope it doesn't joke about bombing things or it may see itself in the, er, Supreme Court.We told you the Pirate Bay's.

This is the first we've heard of this particular phone, though it's hardly a surprising addition to the lineup.