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For a unique insight into the behind-the-scenes story of the epic struggle to shed light on and end Google's anti-competitive practices, please see our recent (no-holds-barred).
See here for our interactive deconstruction of Google's public response to the Commission's charges.
It was our November 2009 Competition Complaint that triggered the European Commission's probe into Google's search manipulation practices.Foundem is the lead Complainant in the European Commission's Google reduction companion Search Case.Today, Foundem's website is the digital equivalent of a boarded-up house.Snow Sale Up to 30 off.Their presence is measured in absences: businesses abandoned; careers unfulfilled; innovations stifled at birth.Wired Magazine, February swap cadeau idee 2018, on, the European Commission's investigation into Google's search manipulation practices culminated in a guilty verdict (.We look forward to reviving our service as soon as the Commission's remedy is in operation and the level playing field required for competition and innovation to thrive has been restored.Original December 2016 Statement.As the company that first brought Google's insidious, anti-competitive search manipulation practices to the attention of regulators on both sides of the Atlantic, Foundem is uniquely placed to shed light on the background and context of this important case.The Case Against Google, by Charles Duhigg in the New York Times Magazine.Since the introduction of Panda in Europe in April 2011, we have struggled to maintain our service to the exacting standards that we set ourselves.
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Unfortunately, for some time now, it has not been possible to maintain our service at an acceptable level.

But when the Raffs created it in 2005, it represented a technological epiphany: a search engine for the parts of the internet Google couldn't reach.".We have been reluctant to suspend our remaining service until now, because doing so could make it more difficult to re-enter the market once the Commission has restored a level playing field.December 2016 / February 2018, temporary Suspension of Foundem's service February 2018 Update "Competition abuse is difficult to understand, because its victims are usually invisible.Regrettably, Google's current proposal is both ineffective and brazenly non-compliant.In common with many of the World's leading vertical search services, Foundem was severely impacted by Google's "Panda" update (and its various follow-ons).X, first Name last Name email address password confirm Password.

Although the record-breaking.7 billion fine dominated the headlines, the associated prohibition of Google's insidious and immensely harmful practices will prove far more important.
We have now reluctantly taken the decision to temporarily suspend all remaining aspects of our service.