This is just the tip of the iceberg but adequately reflects Benettons stance on new technology.
Referring to the case, the revolutionary production system in place at Benetton was only one aspect of the business subject to technological advance.
Although these markets could be seen as more specialist and sports orientated, I still believe that there is a great deal of overlap in this and the fashion market.
This yielded some handsome rewards for them as it meant that the agents were responsible for their own franchises and success or failure was always down to them.Technological Uptake at Benetton.1965 Benetton was founded and the first factory was opened in Ponzano.Benetton have remained competitive in Italy due to the massive exploitation of technology resulting in a lot of the competition being forced to relocate abroad.Having said this, it doesnt seem like failure for an agent is an option with the detailed stages Benetton went through to get the right people to be agents.The agents arranged their own finance but in return they didnt have to pay royalties.Info contact, sIGN IN, benetton, phone.Benetton, having been around since 1965 has had some massive changes and events to respond to and so I feel that a timeline of the events since the company was founded to be of significant use.These agents were essentially separate entities as they were not directly employed by Benetton.We work Saturdays and we work 12 hours a day (page 4).Looking at the diversification into areas such as merchant banking, this is far beyond their existing markets and so is an example of unrelated diversification.In doing so the campaign had mixed success by using the medium of Formula1 and print media.Organisation design, cASE study: Building The Benetton System, Werner Ketelhoehn.Complete Formula One results (results in bold indicate pole position references *cite book last Henry first Alan (ed.) authorlink Alan Henry coauthors title autocourse 1995-96 publisher Hazleton Publishing date 1995 location pages.The" I should refer you to here is the one from page 2 of the case; what Luciano and Guiliana have invented was a pullover for a season or a year, not a traditional pullover for life.
The Colors campaign went against the initial Benetton identity of cultural diversity, racial harmony and world peace.

Finally I will take a brief look at the technological innovation employed at the plant in Castrette.Not the stereotypical franchise, a great deal of time and effort went into the selection process for the entrepreneurs one of the Benetton success factors.Examples of such diversifications can be seen with firstly, the introduction of Nordica or Killerloop which arguably can be viewed as an expansion of their existing market.After an initial disqualification and subsequent re-instatement of victory in Brazil, Michael Schumacher carried on from where he had left off in 1994, and battled Damon Hill for the world championship.1972 Revolutionary production system concerning garment dyeing (discussed later).1975 Benetton logo becomes a well known retail symbol and their product range is expanded to include the 30 age group.
Ferrari when Schumacher signed for them for the 1996 season.
Colour became the most critical fashion factor which led Luciano to adopt a system that would manufacture complete garments in off-white wool allowing them to dye them at a later date according to the market information.

Benettons acquisition of supermarkets and hypermarkets meant that their synergies came from the fact that there were consumers who would purchase from all three.